Sheepskin Hat - 100% Toscana

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The ultimate in sensual indulgence, this deliciously cosy hat is hand-crafted in France with skins from the Chanel tannery, conforming to European standards of health and ethics. Not found anywhere else in the UK but for sale in Chamonix for €300! They are worked in the grain of the wool and seams are double stitched for better resistance.

Made from 100% Italian Toscana shearling sheepskin: renowned the world over as the absolute pinnacle of luxury, Toscana is a breed of sheep that produces long, fine filaments of wool, with a feel very similar to fur. The sheepskin is so soft that it does not needing lining but lies directly against your head - you will never want to take it off!  Available in two sizes to ensure the perfect fit, the natural fibres ensure your head will never feel sweaty or itchy. 

As this is a natural product, there may be some variance in colour. 

To care for your hat it is enough to air it occasionally, and if it gets greasy marks, just rub with natural chalk and it will come off. If your hat gets wet, leave it to dry away from sunlight and heat.