Toscana Sheepskin Jacket

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The ultimate in sensual indulgence, this sublimely soft coat is made for us in London from 100% Italian Toscana shearling sheepskin. Renowned the world over as the absolute pinnacle of luxury, Toscana is a breed of sheep that produces long, fine filaments of wool, with a feel very similar to fur. The luxury of this coat is that it is not lined, so this gorgeously soft wool lies directly against your skin - you will never want to take it off!  

Falls to the waist with hidden hook and eye fastenings, and features a high collar and gauntleted cuffs which can both be turned up against biting winds, making this coat perfect for those who really feel the cold.

Available in black or brown, sizes 8-20 (15% supplement for size 20).

During the Christmas period please note we hold stock but not necessarily every size in every colour is available to be sent out same day.  Our craftsmen in London make these to order if required.  Please call or email for details, thank you.