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Toscana Long Sheepskin Gilet

Handmade with very few seams as uses rarer large Shearling pelts

Brown Toscana

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🗨️"Beautiful Toscana Sheepskin Gilets and wonderful service. Emily at Pink Avocet was so helpful and responsive when I tried to select the right size ordering online. Beautiful product and very nice quality." -Ulrike Haugen Trustpilot

📌 What shoppers like

✔️ How gorgeous they feel and look in it
✔️ Few visible seams as made from large pelts
✔️ Adjustment tailoring service
✔️ Reversible
✔️ Lasts for many years
✔️ Robust and hard wearing
✔️ Super soft and comfortable
✔️ The complementary remarks others make about it (and them)!

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These garments are handmade to order in our London workshop so once you place your order, the finishing touches will be added and it passes a detailed inspection before being despatched to you.

Allow 7 to 10 days to arrive for UK orders alhough you may get it sooner. Allow extra if outside UK.

☎️ Let us know if it's urgent and we may be able to rush it through.

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The ultimate in sensual indulgence, this sublimely soft and fully reversible sheepskin gilet is made for us in our London workshops from 100% Italian Toscana shearling sheepskin. 

Renowned the world over as the absolute pinnacle of luxury - Toscana is a breed of sheep that produces long, fine filaments of wool, with a feel very similar to fur.

The luxury of this garment is that it is not lined, so the gorgeously soft wool lies directly against your skin - you will never want to take it off!  And the suede pelt is buttery soft..

Return any time up to 90 days

We operate a 90 day returns policy. If you're not happy with it, let us and know and we can exchange or refund. You may check our full policy here returns policy.

Need adjustments?

Not all our body shapes are the same! We are happy to make post-purchase alterations if it's not quite the right fit. Perhaps moving the clasp up or down, or a tuck here or there.

However, being a natural product it often takes a little time to adjust to your shape so it's rarely necessary for us to make adjustments for you.

See size chart.

  • The gilet falls to the waist at a length of approx 28/29"
  • hidden tie fastening at the waist
  • high collar which can be turned up against biting winds
  • reversible
  • a perfect layering piece for those who really feel the cold and the ideal luxury garment over a simple silk shirt or cotton blouse.

Colours and Sizes

Available in black, brown, grey, light grey, navy, beaver and with two options of tips, in sizes 8-18.

Please note we are able to bespoke make to specific measurements if required and always need your measurements onsize 18.

Size 20 is available - please contact us to discuss.

Great service and a great product

🗨️ "I bought the sheepskin gilet. What a wonderful item of clothing. Great fit and great quality. The service from the lady in the shop was very good, one of the best experiences I have had in a long time. Friendly and helpful, nothing was too much trouble." - Trustpilot:Wendy

Toscana Gilet

🗨️ Treated myself to a Toscana gilet - absolutely beautiful and thrilled with purchase. Would definitely recommend sizing up if you plan on waring knitwear underneath. Thank you Pink Avocet!" - Trustpilot: Kate B

Beautiful Toscana Sheepskin Gilets and amazing service

🗨️ "Beautiful Toscana Sheepskin Gilets and wonderful service. Emily at Pink Avocet was so helpful and responsive when I tried to select the right size ordering online. Beautiful product and very nice quality." - Trustpilot: Ulrike Haugen

Excellent service and products

🗨️ "Excellent service and products, delightful company to use. Thank you for my gilet I LOVE it!!" - Truspilot:H Cormack


🗨️ "Lovely, great gilet, so comfortable, soft and warm" Trustpilot:Sally Tompkins

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Shearling sheepskin is the pelt of a young sheep (usually 1-2 years old) that has only once been shorn, sheared to an even depth, then tanned with the wool still intact. Shearling has a sublimely soft quality due to the breed of sheep it is from whereas regular sheepskin can be wiry and ragged.

This depends on you. Only buy your sheepskin from a seller that sources its pelts from sheep that have already entered the food chain. Sheep used to be raised for their wool, but now it's primarily for meat. In the UK alone, 15 million sheepskins are burned or buried each year. So when you buy your shearling garment, check that the pelts are sourced as a by product. This is more likely if from the EU as it has controls to ensure sheep are humanely bred and treated according to ethical welfare standards. Pink Avocet pelts meet this criteria.

Sheep are rarely slaughtered just for their skin.

The antithesis of fast-fashion, sheepskin lasts a lifetime and is completely biodegradable. So you can look good and feel really good (about yourself!).

  • A natural product, shearling insulates and retains warmth, even in very cold climates
  • Breathableand regulates your body temperature
  • Water-repellent suede, and moisture wicking fur
  • Timeless fashion statement piece
  • Exquisitely soft and luxurious
  • Very long-lasting and ages wonderfully, growing in suppleness over time
  • Ounce to ounce, it is stronger than steel!
  • A durable, long-lasting investment resistant to scratches, tears and soiling.
  • Hypoallergenic. Lanolin, a natural moisturizer, improves health of skin
  • Flame-resistant, static-resistant, and wind-proof
  • Antibacterial(due to lanolin)
  • Requires little maintenance or care, easy to clean
  • Excellent example of re-using a food by-product

Shearling can come from many different breeds which determines its softness, warmth and durability. Merino has short fur and can be wiry and ragged. Toscana is the pinnacle of softnesswith uniformly long fur and creates the warmest shearling garments.

The Toscana breed of sheep, also known as the "Tuscan" breed or "Pecora della Maremma" in Italian, originates from the Tuscany region of central Italy. Specifically, the breed developed in the Maremma area, which encompasses parts of Tuscany and Lazio, and is known for its rugged, hilly terrain.

The Toscana sheep is a hardy breed that is well-suited to the local climate and landscape, with a distinctive dark brown or black coat and large, twisting horns. Historically, the breed was raised primarily for meat and milk production, as well as for wool and leather. Today, the Toscana breed is considered an important cultural and ecological resource in the region, and efforts are underway to preserve and promote the breed.


Our garments are hand-tailored by skilled artisans in our workshop in London, England

Origin and provenance is important, for both quality and ethics. All our sheepskin pelts are sourced from EU countries. Spain, Italy, Portugal tends to produce the highest quality pelts.

Yes. Contact us with your specific sizes and we will customise your garment to fit